"Brett's" Vase

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Photo above shows colors in the "swirled" pattern.

Brett is a fellow glassblower that comes to the shop to blow glass every week.  Liking to experiment with color combinations, he's come up with a couple that are especially interesting.  He's shared one of those combinations with Bob, a Teal and deep Red mix, and it's become one of our most popular color mixes.  Part of the draw, we're sure, is that the effects are different in every single piece!   

Althought these are the smallest vases that Bob creates, they still contain all the interesting elements of larger hand-blown glass - the free-flowing nature of the glass, the vivid colors, the movement of the colors.

Of course, they're perfectly functional for displaying flowers or whatever else you may want to use a vase for.  And they're substantial enough that you don't need to worry about breaking it the first time you tap it on something solid.   

Hand-made by glass artist Bob Meyer of Seal Rock, OR

Float Color Patterns: "Swirled"

The "swirled" pattern is acheived by making small swirls or twists in the glass with a hand tool like the shears.  It creates a nicely random movement of the colors.  Multiple examples are shown below to illustrate not only the effect, but also how varied it can be.

Float Color Patterns: "Optic Mold"

The "optic mold" pattern is acheived by placing the glass briefly into a cast-aluminum, finned "optic mold".  The use of the mold typically results in darker lines of color running through the piece, as well as some varied movement of the color between those lines.  Multiple examples are shown below to illustrate not only the effect, but also how varied it can be.

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

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