"Cobalt Blues mix" Memorial Orb



Color Pattern (details below) *


Photo shows colors in an Orb, with the "swirled" color pattern

Cobalt Blue is one of the most well-known colors ever associated with glass, and acts as the primary color for our Cobalt Blues mix.  In addition, there are various other shades of opaque and transparent blues in the mix, resulting in a nice, rich combination of colors.

The Memorial Orb is a solid sphere of 3.5” in diameter, and is comprised of multiple layers of clear glass.  The ashes are encased  between the first two layers, and the colors you have chosen between the next two.  The result is a permanent spherical showcase of ash caught frozen in time, moving through once-molten glass. 

Since each Orb requires only a small amount of ash, it's possible to share a loved one between multiple family members.  Being a solid piece of glass, the Orb is the least fragile of our Memorial pieces.

Hand-made by glass artist Bob Meyer of Seal Rock, OR


Please note that the color patterns for Orbs differ from those shown for the Floats, as the Orbs are solid and therefore more 3-dimensional.  Also note that there will be some piece-to-piece variation in how each color pattern appears.

Optic Mold
Optic Mold

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