Pendant Light Fixture w/ 4' cord, Brass



This is the best-quality, low-cost pendant fixture we've been able to find - especially since you don't have to pay for a kit that includes a Shade.

This kit comes with the ceiling mounting hardware and canopy, 4' of cord, and threaded ring and medium-base socket to hold onto Shade. The base plate measures to 4 and 3/4 of an inch. It's rated for a maximum of 60 watts (note: maximum wattage is determined by the fixture rather than the Shade.).  

The color of this fixture is Brass.  Other available colors include "Nickel", "Oil-Rubbed Bronze", and "White".  

These fixtures are an ideal match for our "Shades for Pendant Lights & Chandeliers".

Shade not included in price.

(Note:  these kits come with the hardware necessary to attach them to an existing junction box - they do not include the necessary parts to convert a "can light" to a pendant.)

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