Beach Kaleidoscope: 2" Triangle x 5"



Created by Armand Chichmanian of Florence, OR, these Beach Kaleidoscopes are a unique way of encapsulating a fascinating beach scene.  Made with beveled glass, Armand uses his skills in creating stained glass work for these pieces.

Options Available:  

Sizes are determined by the length of the sides of the equilateral triangles on the ends, along with the overall length of the Kaleidoscope.

2" x 2":  each side of triangle = 2", and overall length = 2"

2" x 3":  each side of triangle = 2", and overall length = 3"

2" x 5":  each side of triangle = 2", and overall length = 5"

3" x 6":  each side of triangle = 3", and overall length = 6" 


Hand-made by Armand Chichmanian of Florence, OR

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