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(shown with "Wrap" color pattern in above photo).

Our "Ruby Lagoon mixover a background of Eggshell White, available in a variety of color patterns.  This is our "standard" size of Shade, which works well with pendant lights, table lamps, sconce lights, and chandeliers.

The "Ruby Lagoon mix" is a combination of transparent and opaque steel blue, with a couple other earthy blues, and a bright ruby red.  The solid background layer of opaque Eggshell White not only assures that you will see no glare from the bulb, but adds some gray tones to provide a more earth-toned appearance.   

Examples with these colors are shown below to illustrate the variation in color between pieces, and examples of the various color patterns available are shown below that.

Hand-made by glass artist Bob Meyer of Seal Rock, OR


Shade Color Example: "Ruby Lagoon mix" over Eggshell

Shade Color Patterns: "Wrap"

All color patterns are established while the glass is very soft, likely at 1600 to 1800 degrees F. - and before the piece is blown.  Multiple examples are shown to illustrate how varied the effect can be.

The "body wrap" pattern is accomplished by using a separate "bit" of molten glass to accumulate various colors, usually in separate areas of the bit.  The wrap is applied while extremely hot (and therefore soft) to the main piece, which creates an extremely varied movement of the colors over the surface of the piece.

Applying a "body wrap" is significantly more complex than producing other color patterns, usually requiring a second person to be involved in the process.  Subsequently, the "body wrap" patterns are usually more expensive. 

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