Kathy Whitson

Kathy lives and maintains her studio near Waldport, OR.

Kathy grew up in the wooded areas of Oregon, as her father was a forester. She spent much of her childhood traveling forest roads with her family, hiking, picking wild flowers, resting by clear streams. These are some of Kathy's best memories.

She continues her travels through the back roads of Oregon with Bob, her husband, photographing the subjects of her paintings. Water has become her inspiration, whether it's a calm stream, rushing river, or the crashing ocean waves. Kathy enjoys sharing her talents through teaching oil painting workshops and classes. She now resides in her artistic hideaway on the Central Oregon Coast.

Kathy's work has been shown in several galleries throughout the Northwest. Her commissions can be found hanging in many private and corporate collections in the US and overseas. Kathy sells original oil paintings, laser prints, giclée gallery wraps, prints cards and tiles of her work. Commission's are welcome.

This section is intended as more or less a history of the work of our artists.  As such, it is useful more as a means of seeing the evolution of an artists' work, rather than a representation of what the artist is currently creating. 

Techniques, colors used, and even form of color are elements that change over time for an artist.  And some pieces will remain unique combinations of color and movement that artist may not be able to reproduce.

Of course, there are some here that may be able to be duplicated - at least to some degree - by the artist.  Please contact us if there is a piece you may be interested in.

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