Anna Biszantz: weaving

Anna Biszantz was one of our very first employees, and now lives in Northern California.

Anna is a multi-talented artist working mostly in woven arts and jewelry design. Although Anna is an east coast native, after a trip out to the Oregon Coast in 2004, the Pacific Northwest became home. A true nature lover, she can usually be found at the beach looking for Agates and taking plenty of pictures for later inspiration.

Recycling is a theme that runs through most of her work: weaving tapestries depicting scenes inspired by the Pacific Northwest from textile mill ends, woven plastic bag baskets, and even "beach glass" jewelry from the scrap pile at Ocean Beaches Glass Gallery's studio.

Anna's jewelry utilizes many different techniques from chainmaillle and wire working to stained glass and beach combing, sometimes all in the same piece. All components are lead free and her metal of choice is stainless steel, with copper and lead free jeweler's brass making frequent appearances.

Anna has several looms including a four-foot floor loom and even a Caravan tapestry loom made in Portland, Oregon. Her current focus is on an ongoing series of Pacific Northwest tapestries. Tapestry is a form of discontinuous weft faced weaving, typically pictorial, much like creating the canvas as you paint; each thread, a brush stroke, building up and in the final picture.

This section is intended as more or less a history of the work of our artists.  As such, it is useful more as a means of seeing the evolution of an artists' work, rather than a representation of what the artist is currently creating. 

Techniques, colors used, and even form of color are elements that change over time for an artist.  And some pieces will remain unique combinations of color and movement that artist may not be able to reproduce.

Of course, there are some here that may be able to be duplicated - at least to some degree - by the artist.  Please contact us if there is a piece you may be interested in.

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