"Betty's" Candleholder

Betty's mix is a pleasing mix of Blues, Greens and Yellows, the name of which gives a nod to the person who first requested it. 

"Black Cherry" Candleholder

The Black Cherry mix is a combination of nothing but Reds, both bright and dark.

"Broncos" Candleholder

The Bronco mix is a combination of Oranges and Blues. 

"Cobalt Blues" Candleholder

Cobalt Blues is a combination of a rich Cobalt Blue along with a contrasting variety of lighter opaque Blues.

"Coffee Bean" Candleholder

Coffee Bean is a rich combination of browns, with a subtle accent of sparkling, copper-colored Gold Aventurine.

"Cranberry" Candleholder

Cranberry is a lively combination of Pink and Cranberry colors.

"Drift Inn" Candleholder

Drift Inn is a mix of transparent Red and Teal, a dramatic color combination especially when lit from behind.

"Ducks" Candleholder

The Ducks mix is a combination of Greens and Yellow-Golds.

"Forest" Candleholder

Our Forest mix includes Greens that are reminiscent of the unparalleled variety of those found along the Oregon Coast.

"Gino's" Candleholder

The Gino's mix is a combination of transparent Teal and Yellow. 

"Hyacinth" Candleholder

The Hyacinth mix is a combination of deep dark Purples along with lighter Lilac tones.

"Martha's" Candleholder

Martha's mix is a great mix of Teals and Violets, the name of which gives a nod to the person who first requested it.

"Seattle" Candleholder

The Seattle mix is an attractive combination of Blues, Grays and Lime Green - and may also remind you of a certain professional sports team.

"Tropical" Candleholder

The Tropical mix is rich combination of nothing but rich transparent colors, including Jade Green, Cerulean Blue, Gold Ruby and Saffron

"Vicki's" Candleholder

Vicki's mix is a beautiful mix of autumn colors, the name of which gives a nod to the person who first requested it.

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

Demonstrations Open to the Public  |  Seal Rock Hours:  10am 6pm, Daily

View free glassblowing demonstrations almost every afternoon from our specially built observation deck!