Yellows - Golds

"Ducks" Flower

The Ducks mix is a combination of Greens and Yellow-Golds.

"Gino's" Flower

The Gino's mix is a combination of transparent Teal and Yellow. 

"Gold Aventurine" Flower

Gold Aventurine is a stunning copper color that also posesses an actual sparkle.

"Jan's" Flower

Jan's mix is a vibrant mix of transparent and opaque Yellows, the name of which gives a nod to the person who first requested it.

"Lemon-Lime" Flower

Our Lemon-Lime mix is reminiscent of the actual fruits it represents - a vibrant, bright set of greens, limes and yellows.

"Rainbow" Flower

Our Rainbow mix  is a cheery combination of all the colors you might expect to see - each in the most vibrant version we can find. 

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

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