Our Online Gallery focuses on items that an artist has had on display here over time, rather than items that are available right now.  The goal of our Online Gallery is to provide a good representation of the range of work each artist creates.

"For almost fifty years, Japan, our immediate neighbor across the Pacific to the west, has unknowingly been sending good-will messengers to our Pacific beaches in the form of lost fishing net floats. These runaways from her vast fishing industry still create as much mystery and enchantment as they did in 1918, when they first started to show up on the Oregon beaches." - excerpt from "Beachcombing for Japanese Floats", by Amos L. Wood, 1967.

Since that time in 1967, those "good-will messengers" from across the Pacific have dwindled, but the tradition of finding hand-blown glass Floats on the Oregon coast has been continued by glassblowers on this side of the Pacific.  Of course, the newer Floats are more decorative than functional, but that also allows for the addition of colors and textures glassblowers of the past would have never imagined.  

Bob has a unique way of creating our floats to have that variety of color and texture, creating a tactile as well as visual experience.  Bob's Floats are also available in a variety of styles - the standard "sitting" style, in which there's a small glass "cookie" attached for the float to sit on;  the "hanging" style, in which a glass hook has been attached to hang the Float from;  and a "lighted" style, in which an opening is left to insert a light into.

Below is a representation of the Floats Bob has created over time.  We also offer the Floats for sale, starting with the small Mini-Floats and Ornaments, the larger Sitting Floats and Hanging Floats, and the specialty Lighted Floats and Treasure Floats.


Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

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