Our Online Gallery focuses on items that an artist has had on display here over time, rather than items that are available right now.  The goal of our Online Gallery is to provide a good representation of the range of work each artist creates.

Often referred to as "glassblowing" - but more specifically called "Lampwork", "Flamework" or "Torchwork" - this is a type of glasswork that uses a gas-fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with a variety of tools and hand movements.

Early lampworking was done in the flame of an oil lamp, with the artist blowing air into the flame through a pipe. As the modern practice no longer uses oil-fueled lamps, it is now also known as flameworking or torchworking.

We have work from some of the best Torchwork artists around.  In no particular order, there's Brent GraberJames Lais, Chris Barclay, the Mazet brothers (Josh, Eli and Tim), Jim Aden, David Brownsanders, and Dan McAfee.

Brent Graber

Chris Barclay

Dan McAfee

David Brownsanders

Eli Mazet

James Lais

Jim Aden

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

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