Floats: standard "sitting" style

Oregon Float® blown glass floats:

The Oregon Float®  brand of hand-blown glass floats is created exclusively at Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery in Seal Rock, OR, and includes each of the styles of blown glass floats described below.  The Oregon Float® label assures that you will be purchasing a locally hand-made piece of glass art, since it is quite common to find cheap blown glass items from overseas at even the most reputable of art galleries.


Our standard Sitting Floats are our most popular style, and are most similar to the original fishing floats.  They're blown to the desired size, then that "plug" of glass is fused over the opening and flattened into a base for the Float to sit on.  They're available from 3.5" (Mini-Floats) to 10" in diameter, with the 6" size being our most popular.

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

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