July 1, 2020

Our gallery is open 5 days a week now.  I've been trying to avoid blowing glass on days that we're open, so it's taking a little longer than usual to get orders done.  I'm blowing glass on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and have so far been able to complete orders that are placed by then.  After that, it takes a few days to get the finishing work done, and a few more days to get the order packed and shipped. 

Our current restrictions have truly changed our processes, so you can expect to receive your orders usually within a couple weeks, and sometimes a little more.  HOWEVER, if you need something for a date-sensitive special occassion (e.g., birthday), let us know and we'll work it through ASAP.    

Thanks for your patience!



June 6, 2020

We're finally open again, as of today!

As you know, Oregon is starting the re-opening process.  Lincoln County has been approved for Phase 1 of the re-opening, but not yet for Phase 2.  You may not realize this, but the number of Coronavirus cases in our county is still increasing, which is why we've been denied the Phase 2 status so far.  This is also the reason that we've been slow with our own re-opening.  

So, we'll be open as long as we can maintain the current standards for Phase 1, which include the maintaining of social distancing, and not exceeding a certain number of visitors (12, for us) in the store at one time. We also expect everyone visiting to be wearing a mask (unless the person is less than 2 years old or has specific health conditions).  We will supply masks at no charge for visitors that didn't bring one. 

A special word on masks:  The vast majority of us have still not been tested for the virus.  If you're not already aware, it's been shown that a person infected with the virus may never even have symptoms of it - yet can still pass it on to others.  Also, we can't say that 6' of social distancing is adequate to prevent transmission, since recent studies that have shown a much greater possible spread of airborne virus from just a sneeze or cough.  Lastly, wearing a mask is not about keeping you from becoming infected, it's about trying to keep the people around you from becoming infected.  Any number of us may already be carriers and not know it.  But it's one thing to have little concern about whether I get sick, and quite another to have little concern about whether the people around me do.  Please, just show some consideration to those others and wear a mask in the store.    

Lastly, there will be no glassblowing being done during store hours for now.  We realize it's a main attraction for a lot of people, but there's just no way to ensure the Social Distancing requirements during it. 

Thanks for your cooperation during this challenging time.  And take care.

Bob & Vicki Meyer

Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.