Of course, we are closed, and have been for the past week.  It's a little tough to acknowledge, but no, we are not an "essential business". 

I am still blowing glass, and would certainly take care of any orders you might be interested in.  If you don't see what you're looking for in the "shopping" section here, please email us through the Contact section above.  And please understand that it will take longer than usual to get things out to you.

As former healthcare workers, Vicki and I would both like to encourage all of you to take this virus issue seriously - it certainly is not just our standard annual "flu", and will not just "go away" on it's own. 

We've certainly appreciated all of your support through these years, and hope that we'll be able to see you all again soon - healthy and in person.

Thanks, and take care.

Bob & Vicki Meyer


Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery is owned and operated by Bob and Vicki Meyer.  Bob is the primary artist of the gallery.

Demonstrations Open to the Public  |  Seal Rock Hours:  10am 6pm, Daily

View free glassblowing demonstrations almost every afternoon from our specially built observation deck!