David Brownsanders

David Brownsanders began lampworking over 14 years ago. Living on rural forested property, in a house he and his wife built on the eastern edge of the coast range of Oregon, David is surrounded by nature.  It is nature that is the deepest inspiration for his art, to capture the beauty and the stillness of the world around him. Having lived in Hawaii as a child and around the rivers of Oregon for nearly 30 years, water and nature are the inspirations of his art. Glass is a liquid, heated and shaped, then allowed to become still and express its absolute beauty.

David uses a propane and oxygen torch to create his art, heating borosilicate glass (commonly known as Pyrex) to its melting point above 2100 degrees F.  Using the flame, he melts clear rods and colored rods. Each and every piece is made one at a time using the simplicity of glass handles and about six tools to create all the different shapes. 

The luminescence of David's work is dichroic glass, a material that is 20-40 layers of vaporized metals laid down one molecule thick at a time (it was origionally designed to be the windows of the space shuttle).  When dichroic glass is worked, it "fluffs" to create the incredible light that comes out of each piece.

Please enjoy your artwork. Whether it is useful or ornamental, every piece is made with love and care.

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