Debra Hanson

Debra lives and maintains her studio in McMinneville, OR.

"When the company I work for moved the administrative office to Newport 7 years ago, something strange and wonderful happened to me - an artistic part of my brain became aware as I attended a glass fusing workshop. I was hooked and glass became my obsession.

"Glass to me is warm and cold at the same time. It is so fascinating to me how light can change the color of a piece of glass. My favorite activity with glass is creating a living creature out of glass without any of the normal colors - my glass bugs and fish skeletons are an example. And then there is dichroic glass.....definitely uncharted territory. With my husband Rick's assistance we are also exploring sandblasting iridescent glass and creating functional plates.

"I am so lucky to be able to live in this beautiful area of the coast and look forward to many years of inspiration and creating."



This section is intended as more a history of the work this artist has displayed over time at Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery, and not a catalog of what's currently available.  As such, it is useful more as a means of seeing the evolution of an artists' work, rather than a representation of what the artist is currently creating.  Techniques, colors used, and even form of color are elements that are likely to change over time.  Also, some pieces will be unique combinations of color and movement that artist may not be able to reproduce.

The gallery at Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery includes work from nearly 50 different artists, all from the Pacific Northwest, almost all from Oregon, and most from Oregon's central coast.  Whereas Bob creates his work exclusively within our studio, the other artists have their own studios in which they create their work.  Though our gallery basically just purchases their work to sell, we like to promote them in any way we can - which includes showcasing them on our website.  Their appearance here is in no way meant to imply that they work for Bob or for Ocean Beaches Glassblowing. 

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