Pam Parker

Pam is a local to the Oregon Coast. She has recently begun enjoying her winters in Arizona with family, but returns to our mild climit during the summer to do her artwork at the beach.

Pyrography, in Pam's own words, refers to art by fire, each piece is burned with a wood burner. Deciding what subject or design the wood suggests is part of the creation of this original piece of art. Next the wood is sanded and carefully cleaned. The design is sketched on the wood, then it is burned into the wood. After burning, the piece is generally high lighted with watercolor, gouache, or oil pencil. When it is completely dry, it receives two or three coats of varnish. There is a portait-type hanger on the back of her pieces.

Hopefully, you enjoy her work as much as she enjoyed creating it.

In our gallery we have her Pyrography pieces and a selection of her watercolor greeting cards.

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